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Diplomatist Magazine is the Customer Magazine of L.B. Associates (Pvt) Ltd. Diplomatist Magazine is India's first Customer Magazine to promote bilateral relations, economic diplomacy, commerce, tourism and goodwill amongst nations, people and communities worldwide. We send it out monthly to our client base and potential clients.
Visit www.diplomatist.com

What Are Customer Magazines:

Customer magazines are magazines published by companies or organisations for their customers/members. They provide an effective and sophisticated form of marketing communication with millions of readers enjoying well-targeted editorial and responding positively to the ‘soft sell’ that a customer magazine allows. Whilst customer magazines are recognised by consumers as marketing collateral, Henley Centre research shows that they are treated differently because 'they give as well as take'.

Successful customer magazines, produced by professional publishing agencies like L.B. Associates, work to specific objectives which must be measured and met. These magazines balance the needs of the client against the aspirations of the reader. Achieving that balance is not easy, but, as hundreds of companies can testify, the rewards are great.

In an increasingly fragmented market, customer magazines have been proven to encourage loyalty, sell more to existing customers, drive retention, communicate brand positioning and enhance brand awareness to name just a few – all whilst entertaining the reader – which few other media can claim to do so comprehensibly or cost-effectively.

Customer Magazines by L.B. Associates

L.B. Associates has been producing periodical and annual customer magazines since 1996. Clients include: Export Development Organizations; Trade Blocs; Diplomatic Missions; Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Promotion agencies and Investment Authorities to name a few.

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