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Outsourcing Opportunity

Outsource your Requirements to India.

Organizations, publishing houses and content developers worldwide are now taking a leaf from the 'Book of Outsourcing' and sending work to Indian shores. Publishing houses, educational institutes and content developers not only in the West, but the world over, are increasingly looking at India as an attractive destination to outsource various parts of their work – content development and pre-press work to proofreading, from template designing to text composition, and printing.

L.B. Associates (Pvt) Ltd, established in 1996, has to date have served clients from over 90 countries worldwide. These, however, were direct contracts where we produced entire publications; send them to client organizations in soft copy for approval, and once approved shipped them. This type of service remains a major part of our business forte.

An Additional Forte

We are now in the process of offering our services as sub-contractors to publishing houses and content developers worldwide.

Our Services in this regard include:

  • Cover to Cover Content Writing – We have highly-qualified English-speaking writers on staff;
  • Translation – English to just about any language and visa versa;
  • Proofreading – Done in India while you are sleeping in the West;
  • Pagemaking/Typesetting – Our page making team is fast and efficient;
  • Page/Publication Designing – Our designers produce attractive publications;
  • Website Design – We'll build your online corporate brochure in a few days;
  • Website Maintenance – Overnight implementation of minor changes; and,
  • Printing – Quality printing at less that half the cost as in the West.
                   Add on shipping charges and the prices of print jobs done by LBA in India are still competitive.

Beat the Paradigm Shift.

Take advantage of India’s highly professional and lower paid skilled labour force now.

Call today to discuss possibilities of mutual benefit.

Email: info@lbassociates.com
Tel: 91-120-2427282/4727100