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About Us

For instance, we produced these publications, one for the Government of Spain and the other for the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce, and distributed them in India under the clients’ direction.

What is Contract Publishing?

A variety of organizations are increasingly turning to outside sources to produce their directories and other publications under contract. This growth in contract publishing (known as Custom Publishing in USA) is simply a realization that outsourcing can make sense from both cost and logistical aspects as an alternative to using internal resources.

The organization's internal project management resources are freed, and the project is assigned to an outside organization, which has the systems and procedures in place to ensure a quality product, delivered on time, and within budget.

This is the growing method of choice for a variety of organizations ranging from corporations and associations to trade blocks, universities, diplomatic missions and other institutions.



To our North American and European potential clients:

India is as technologically advanced as any country in the West and therefore her publishers are capable of designing and producing superior quality tailor-made publications on a turnkey basis just like their counterparts in the North America and Europe. When it comes to cost however, Indian publishers can produce publications at approximately half the cost of those of their counterparts in the West. We hope that the remaining pages in this website will lead to L.B. Associates (Pvt) Ltd being your well-researched decision in selecting a contractor for your publishing needs.