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Overview: Our Corporate Policies


Our Corporate Policies

  • Diversity Policy
  • Employee Volunteer Policy
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Satisfaction Policy
  • Anti-Client Harassment Policy

Corporate Policies - Diversity Policy 

We are committed to developing and utilizing the diverse talents and energies of all our employees. We respect our employees and all people throughout the world who are touched by our company without regard to their differences or similarities. Our actions and behaviour must demonstrate and confirm our respect for each other and each other's contributions. Our differences and similarities include but are not limited to: age and experience; culture (individual and group); economic status; education and training; gender; job level; job tasks and responsibilities; lifestyle, including marital and family status; personal style; physical and mental abilities; race, nationality and ethnicity; religion; and, thoughts and perspectives. 

To reinforce this commitment in our daily work, all company activities, policies, practices and procedures are to be carried out in accordance with this policy. Each employee is personally responsible and accountable for ensuring that her/his actions and behaviour reflect this policy. 

Corporate Policies - Employee Volunteer Policy

We believe it is our responsibility as a good corporate citizen to help strengthen the communities in which we live and work. Consequently, we encourage our employees to become involved in their communities, lending their voluntary support to programmes that enrich the quality of life and opportunities for all citizens. The following guidelines are for L.B. Associates (Pvt) Ltd employees who serve as volunteers in community programmes that are either of personal interest or are corporate-sponsored initiatives: 

  1. Corporate-Sponsored Programmes, which are those programmes whose goals are considered of strategic importance to the company and for which the company has provided funding. 
  2. Time Away From Work, which allows employees to become involved in their communities, requires approval from management. 
  3. Personal Development. If community service fills a company business need and is part of an employee's development plan, the activity will be considered an objective in the performance management process. Involvement in corporate-sponsored programmes and initiatives is not mandatory.

Corporate Policies - Anti-Corruption

We simply REFUSE TO PAY BRIBES, even if it means losing a potential contract or advertisement. 

Statements we live and work by:

  1. Prefer a loss to a dishonest gain. The one brings pain at the moment, whereas the other for all time. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results. - James Allen
  3. Fail with honour rather than succeed with fraud. - Sophocles

Corporate Policies - Satisfaction Policy

L.B. Associates has always strived to create mistake-free publications. All publications go through three levels of independent proofreading and other scrutiny. However, since there is a human factor involved, mistakes may occur. We turn over all contracted publications in dummy form to the client for final checking prior to going to press, but mistakes may still slip past the most experienced of proofreaders. If a mistake is unacceptable - embarrassing to the client, or if it changes the meaning of the message - we have never hesitated to reprint.

If a mistake occurs in an advertisement, and the mistake is unacceptable to the advertising client, we offer an additional exposure at no cost in a forthcoming publication as long as payment is received for the one in which the mistake occurred. If the client does not want an additional exposure, then money is refunded.

Proper English Grammar - English is our mother tongue, but not necessarily that of our clients. We therefore apply proper English grammar where necessary. After editing, we show our corrections to the client to ensure that our interpretation does not change the actual message.

Corporate Policies - Anti-Client Harassment Policy

WE DO NOT INTRODUCE Immigration Agencies, Property Dealers, Service Providers, Employment Agencies, Travel Agents, Interior Designers, Photographers, Car Hire Agencies, Tailors or any un-named entity to our Client Base. It has been perceived that we have close relations with the Diplomatic Community of New Delhi due to our publications. And indeed we do have close relations with personnel from many diplomatic missions, but these are strictly business relationships. We developed these relationships over time through our own efforts and integrity, and not by an introduction from an outside source. We will not compromise the trust that we have earned by introducing people or agencies to our clients. 

Want an Introduction? We will publish your advertisement in Diplomatist Magazine, which is read by many in the diplomatic communities of India and abroad, but keep it tasteful!