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Executive Biographies

Linda Brady-Hawke
Chief Executive Officer

William B. Hawke
Managing Director

Linda was born in Calcutta to Anglo-Indian parents and graduated from Calcutta University in 1970 with an English major. She commenced her working career in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), India.

It wasn't long before her capabilities were recognised and she spent much of her in-service career as executive assistant to Chief Executive Officers of multi-national corporations. In 1991 after several appointments with world-renowned international aid agencies, she was appointed as the India Country Manager for a major British Government assistance programme.

Linda branched out on her own as an entrepreneur in 1996, with the founding of L.B. Associates. As C.E.O. she now devotes the majority of her time and energy, to the building of the business.

William was born in Canada and in 1963 enlisted in the then Royal Canadian Navy. He retired from the Forces in 1988 as a senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the Anti-Submarine Warfare field.

After an 8-year stint in Canada's defence industry William ventured to India in search of new opportunities and within months, he met Linda Brady. After their marriage in 1996, he returned to Canada to tie up loose ends and returned to India on a fulltime basis. He joined Linda in the publishing business that she had established only a few short months earlier. 

Having creative skills and human resources management experience, William now devotes the majority of his time to the production side of the business and to the day-to-day management of the team.